Havana, Cuba.- Around 1,400 young teachers who graduated from Cuban pedagogical schools will serve in special education centers in the 2019-2020 school year.

This education system shows a favorable situation regarding teacher coverage and prepares students for their integration in the regular education system, the General Director of Basic Education Marlen Triana told the local daily, Granma.

She added that highly-specialized services are also provided.

Triana noted that it is a priority to achieve better training of specialized and general education teachers so that students reach their full educational potential.

When the Cuban Revolution triumphed in 1959, about 130 students were enrolled in eight special schools, while today this figure exceeds 30,000 in more than 300 such centers, according to official data.

Cuba has special schools located in Havana, Santiago de Cuba (east) and Villa Clara (center), which allows this service to be extended to difficult to access areas, she said.

Cuba’s special education is aimed at those with intellectual, visual, physical-motor, communication and learning disorders, hearing impairment, autism spectrum disorders or physical and mobility impairment.