havana-club-etiquetaHavana, Cuba.-Havana Club International S.A. (HCI) has presented a new image for the ”Añejo 7 Years” rum at the first international Fair of Food, Equipment and Technology – Alimentos Cuba 2016, which concludes today in Havana.

The exhibition, which was open for three days, is organized by Fira Barcelona (Spain) and PABEXPO (Cuba). Some 10 countries exhibited at the event.

The legendary ‘Añejo 7 Years’ rum now comes with a new simple bottle design, inspired by First Cuban Rum Master, Jose Navarro.

A Spokesperson for the firm said that the new bottle evokes the shape of the packaging used in the early 20th century, when the production of dark rums began on this island.

Havana Club is known worldwide for placing, on the market, a variety of light premium rums that drinkers appreciate. The rums generate cultural associations, especially with Cuban music and dance.

The fair is taking place at the Pabexpo exhibition center in the capital under the auspices of the Ministries of Tourism, Food, and the Chamber of Commerce of Cuba, among others.

The exhibition is showing a broad portfolio of products and services, food, drinks, machinery, equipment and agricultural food technology, meat,tins of foods, wines and spirits, water, beers, musts, ciders, olive oil and vegetables.

Companies from Spain, Italy, Netherlands,the United States, El Salvador, Mexico, Panama, Guatemala, Dominican Republic and Cuba have attended the event.