National News

30 December, 2020 US blockade and its impact on Cuban development

The siege imposed by the United States against Cuba closes 2020 as one of the periods of greatest pressure for the development of the Caribbean nation, under the administration of Republican Donald Trump.

24 December, 2020 ICAP’s contribution to boost China-Cuba ties highlighted

Chinese institutions on Wednesday highlighted the contribution from the Cuban Institute of Friendship with the Peoples (ICAP) to the development of relations between both countries, on the occasion of the institution’s 60th anniversary.

21 December, 2020 Cuba defined projections for 2021 this week

This week Cuba defined its main economic and legislative projections for 2021, a year that President Miguel Diaz-Canel described as intense and challenging.

18 December, 2020 Money ordering far from being a shock therapy, Cuban President

The President of Cuba, Miguel Diaz-Canel, stated today that putting the monetary system in order, beginning on January 1st, is far from being a policy of shock therapy or a financial playpen (bank freeze), as the foes of the Cuban Revolution say.

18 December, 2020 Statements by Cuban President published in Iran

The Iranian website Pars Today published the statements by Cuban President Miguel Diaz-Canel regarding the resounding failure of the United States in its attempt to bring Cuba to its knees.

30 November, 2020 President Díaz-Canel denounces farce against Cuba

Those who created the sham of San Isidro were utterly wrong about the country, wrong about history and wrong about armed forces, Cuban President Miguel Díaz-Canel denounced today.

27 November, 2020 Cuba urges youths to change world using social networks

Cuban Foreign Minister Bruno Rodriguez on Thursday urged young people to develop their struggles for a better world from social networks, at the closing session of the International virtual Meeting on Ideas that Are Flags.

25 November, 2020 Cubans recall Fidel Castro’s legacy

Cubans recall on Wednesday Fidel Castro on occasion of the 4th anniversary of the death of the leader of the Revolution, a process that changed the course of history in this country.