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21 July, 2016 US Blockade Hampers Progress of Relations with Cuba

Havana, Cuba.-The persistence of the U.S. blockade on Cuba hinders today the progress of the process to normalize bilateral relations, the general director of the United States Department at the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Josefina Vidal, said. In interview with Granma newspaper, the official stated that after one year of the restoration of diplomatic relations, […]

21 July, 2016 US Blockade Hinders Progress of US-Cuba Relations

Havana, cuba.-The US blockade against Cuba hinders the progress of the process of normalization of bilateral ties, the director general of the United States division at the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Cuba, Josefina Vidal, said. In an interview with the Granma newspaper, the official said that a year after the start of the rapprochement […]

20 July, 2016 Cuba-US Ministerial Visits Promote Bilateral Exchange

Havana, Cuba.-Nearly one year after the resumption of diplomatic relations between Cuba and the United States, the visits made by senior US officials to Cuba and senior Cuban officials to the United State, are contributing to ensuring the continuity of the process. The visits to the United States by the Cuban Ministers of Foreign Affairs, […]

20 July, 2016 An Essential Alliance

Havana, Cuba. – The most recent meeting of the International Economic Forum sponsored by the Russian authorities, held some days ago in St. Petersburg confirmed the key alliance between Moscow and Latin America and the Caribbean. An understanding that, without a doubt, is not well accepted or assumed by the hegemonic forces seeking to rearrange […]

20 July, 2016 Looking to Year 2030 and beyond

Havana, Cuba. -The ongoing process of analysis of documents from the seventh Congress of the Communist Party is a chance to take a look, with a magnifying glass, to the future designed for Cuba. In those meetings it is decisive the participation of all, especially of those with a greater experience in each area. With […]

20 July, 2016 A Day in May, when Fidel Return to Cuba from a Long Journey

Havana, Cuba- After an extensive tour through the United States, Canada, Argentina, Uruguay, and Brazil, which began on April 15, 1959, Commander-in- Chief Fidel Castro arrived in Cuba on May 8 that year, leading the delegation that accompanied him on that occasion. Throughout the morning of that day and noon, residents of different sites were […]

19 July, 2016 Diaz-Canel Stresses Nicaragua´s Social and Economic Achievements

Managua, Nicaragua.-Cuban First Vice President, Miguel Diaz-Canel, stressed the social and economic achievements of Nicaragua, after arriving in Managua today to participate in the celebrations for the 37th anniversary of the triumph of the Sandinista Revolution. “As a result of the Sandinista Front led by Commander Daniel Ortega, Nicaragua is today a free, sovereign and […]

18 July, 2016 New Book Highlights Relevance of Fidel´s Address to Intellectuals

Havana, Cuba.-The book “Un texto absolutament vigente” (An Absolutely Current Text) gathers articles about the speech ” Words to intellectuals” given by Fidel Castro in 1961 and stressed today the relevance of this address. Historian Elier Ramírez Cadeño made a compilation of 16 articles by prestigious authors like Graziella Pogolotti, Armando Hart, Carlos Rafael Rodríguez, […]

15 July, 2016 Cuban Salsa Band Touring South America

Havana, Cuba.-After the successful completion of its European tour, Cuban band Maykel Blanco y su Salsa Mayor is currently organizing a tour of South America to promote his latest album “Que no me quiten la fe.” For the first time, the band will perform in Chile, on August 12 at Orixas salsa club. Later, the […]

15 July, 2016 Cuba: Money Bills More than a Century Old Exhibited

Matanzas, Cuba.-A sample of money bills issued between the Ten-Year War (1868-1878) and 1958 is being exhibited at the Jose Ramon Zulueta Museum of Colon, Matanzas, Cuba. Entitled ‘Bills in the Republic of Cuba’, specialists consider the sample, shown at the institution, to be a rich informative reservoir, according to the weekly newspaper Girón. The […]

14 July, 2016 Cuban Bartenders Compete in USA

Havana, Cuba.-Bartenders from the famous El Floridita bar-restaurant will compete in late July in the International Festival Tales of the Cocktail 2016 in New Orleans, Louisiana,United States,it was officially reported today. Spokesmen for that Havana bar-restaurant, famous for the presence of celebrities such as American novelist, Ernest Hemingway, said the competition will take place from […]

14 July, 2016 Cuba, USA Assess Scope of Washingtons Measures

Havana, Cuba.-Cuba and the United States assessed the scope and impact of changes introduced by Washington in the implementation of some aspects of the blockade in the bi-national ties, the islands Ministry of Foreign Affairs reported. During this third meeting of the Dialogue on Regulatory Issues, held on July 12 and 13, representatives from both […]

14 July, 2016 UN: Cuba Demands Stop of Double Standards and Selectiveness

Havana, Cuba.-Cuba has made a call to stop double standards, selectiveness and political manipulation in the area of human rights, in the last session of a forum in the General Assembly of the United Nations. On the second and last day of the forum on the topic, Cuban representative Ana Silvia Rodriguez stated that such […]