Havana, Cuba.- Cuban deputies to debate this week on topics of vital importance for todays society as the application of economic and social directives and the march of the plan of the economy.
Distributed in 10 commissions or permanent work groups of the Peoples Power National Assembly (parliament), in the 7th period of ordinary sessions of the eighth legislature, parliament members will also analyze the documents approved by the 7th Congress of the Cuban Communist Party (PCC) held in April.

As every year since their approval in 2011, the assembly will examine the application of the directives, route map of the updating process of the social and economic model of the island.

Also, several commissions will examine and discuss the report presented by the Ministry of Finance and Prices on the execution of the Budget of the State 2015 and the plan of the national economy in the first half of 2016.

Other issues to discuss are the quality of public services like transport and gastronomy, as well as the fight against illegalities and social indisciplines.

In a particular way, the Agrofood commission will dedícate the first day to results of the sugar harvest in the last two years and the measures to solve the detected deficiencies.

On their part, members of the parliamentary group in charge of the industrial, energy and construction sectors, will look into how the programs of their development, with special emphasis in the execution of the housing program and the incidence of this on the production of local construction materials.

Deputies of this commission will also analyze the actions carried out by the National Institute of Hydraulic Resources to mitigate drought effects, identified as the most intense suffered by the country in the last 115 years.

The Commissions of the National Assembly, formed by 612 deputies,

will work simultaneously from July 4 thru 6.

Following that, there will be a session dedicated to the report of several ministries, while the last day of the ordinary sessions, on July 8, members of parliament will present the summary of the main comments presented during the commissions work.