Havana, Cuba.- The diversity of views represents a pillar to enrich the Cuban new draft Constitution, said today in this capital Martha Prieto, Doctor of Legal Sciences.

In a meeting with the press at the headquarters of the Union of Journalists of Cuba (UPEC), the Vice President of the Cuban Society of Constitutional Law highlighted the exercise of popular sovereignty put in place for the Cuban people to comment on the text.

From August 13 to November 15, millions of people are called to participate in neighborhoods and work and study centers in a consultation on the new draft constitution, approved on July 22 by the National Assembly of People’s Power.

The also professor of the University of Havana described as beautiful the document that currently generates different opinions and proposals, based on the rights it contains.

For the jurist, the important thing is that once the Constitution is approved in a popular referendum, which would replace the law of laws in force since 1976, ‘the postulate is met.’

Regarding what a Constitution means, she commented on its superior hierarchy and that it ‘fixes the minimums and maximums’, as it is the basis for the construction of the State and the people´s actions.

During the day, the doctor in Communication Sciences and first Vice President of the UPEC, Rosa Miriam Elizalde, presented a paper on the press and how to reflect it in the Cuban constitutions and in the draft of a new Magna Carta.